Unreal Engine adventures:
me: So ok, I need a map from int to String
Unreal: ya but it's called TMap, FCompactPoseBoneIndex and FName.
me: ..uhhh ok whatever
me: ok for debugging, please print this
Unreal: FName is not a string
me: k. Fname.toString().
Unreal: ya but it aint a TChar array now
IT'S A FKING STRING JUST PRINT IT. And the other guy is still an int with extra steps! Come the fuck on now....
I mean, honestly, a logging function that cannot print a fking FString? sigh...
Man, I miss python and blender...

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    Haha wait until you have to move already imported assets to a different directory.
    Don't. Just don't.
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    @Gazotey thanks for the warning ^^'
    Currently struggeling with importing a third party library which I'd also like to be build.... ugh...
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    A versatile and frictionless debug output formatting library always is something you have to write yourself... except in Python maybe.
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    Debugging can be done with a debugger. You can see what the variable contains no matter the type
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    @hjk101 I dunno I find just printing stuff a lot easier. Also I'm not yet sure how to properly debug with unreal at all. I'm kinda new to it and it's integration with VS and their coorporation is just... uhm.... weird.


    It's easier for me (usually) to print stuff than to learn every debugger for each IDE and language and OS I come it touch with. .-.
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    @Oktokolo I love python and Lisp for this. Python because it just prints it, no questions asked. Lisp does the same, and if lisp crashes it opens the debugger automatically and shows you who called whom, with which parameters, etc.

    It's so nicely easy. (Once you get past the initial shock of Emacs that is. )
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    @hasu when I have no choice I do it like that.
    I have found that the setup is always a bit of a hassle but worth it if you spend more than a week coding in it. Even if it would take you all day. As for how it works; basically every debugging thing is the same. Set breakpoint step trough. Most have call stacks and variable watches. But the break and step is the essential part and that is the same from IDE to browser (JS debugger)
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    @hjk101 hm. But how do I do this when I actually compile through the Unreal Engine itself and not VS? I mean, I'm sure it does this too somewhere.
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