Ten people asking me for updates about the same issue doesn't make me solve it any faster!

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    Remember to also make those tps reports.
    Did you get the memo?
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    Hey, is there any progress? I need this change ASAP for my PR.
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    Your responses are too slow, I think we need another PM resources to make the process faster.
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    It puts pressure on you. I don't want you solve the issue with clear mind that "MAY" help you solve it faster. I am paying so, you must suffer.
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    So, what's the update?
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    > Mommy mommy mommy, I’m hungry
    I’ll make you some food, okay?

    > Mommy! Mommy! Hungry!
    I’m making you food!

    > Mommy! Mommmyyyyy hungryyyyy
    I am making you food right now. See it? Just wait a few minutes.

    > Hungryyyyy Mommy! Hungry!
    I am literally preparing it right now. It’s almost done! Sooooon, okay?

    > Mommmmmy! 😭😭😭

    > 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!!

    Okay, here you go!
    > 😄😄😄😄!!

    This happens basically every meal, every day. The entire time I’m preparing food, there’s incessant whining and crying and yelling. Until it’s finished, then it’s smiles and laughter and jumping.

    Anyway: tell them to mature a bit and stop acting like impatient toddlers. Because that is *exactly* what toddlers do.
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    Talk or find a PM or SPOC (single point of contact) to act as middleman.
    Tell everyone to talk to PM/SPOC.
    Only the PM/SPOC can talk to you.
    Set chat app to away or DND. If they still manage ignore.
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