BitBucket has an option to delete the branch on merge which for most cases make sense.

But what about release branches? needs 2 merges for master and develop.

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    Unselect delete during the first merge ;-)
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    @asgs I meant more like would you even use it.

    Or how do teams usually use git and branching
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    @donuts I do delete my feature branches after merging to develop
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    @asgs manually or is it automatically on merge?

    What do you do releases though? Or if multiple people are working on a branch?
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    In theory if we tag the release merge commit in develop there's no need for a master branch?

    And if needed can just rebuild that commit or branch from it for a hotfix?
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    @donuts automatic delete. The BB option you mentioned

    For release branches, we still do only one merge to develop but not deleted. Release branches could be deleted right after, but our RM team doesn't do that for some reason. The merge to master happens from develop after a week of stability

    Hotfixes are only merged to develop. No direct merges to master except from develop via a point in time commit which is tagged appropriately
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    @asgs but wouldn't develop, after a week, have features that weren't in the release?
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    @donuts right, that's why it is the mainline (with instability)
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    @asgs I mean if you merge from develop after a week into Master then master would have features that weren't released and therefore be unstable as well?
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    @donuts we don't merge the HEAD of develop to master. As I said before, only specific commits (i.e tags) which were released are merged
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