So, am currently working on a major change in codebase and been working on a proof of concept for over a week. Everything's going good, I was about to add it into the staging branch, my tech lead was confident in me that yeah this approach looks good , we should add it and slowly convert our code to use this approach, and I have to give a presentation regrading the changes tomorrow.
And then I suddenly come across 2 articles from some guys (1 of whom is literally known by the alias crazy-legend) and those 2 are doing exactly what i did, only with a 100 times more elegant looking but complex code and kotlin magic.

I understand just the half of those approaches, but am sure they are better than mine. Once my code gets added to the staging, everyone would be supposed to change 100s of their files to incorporate my changes.

I am so confused right now. the changes i have to push are also only half done. Shall I take a u turn, copy their code that i don't understand, or let the whole team move on with my code, which will eventually be replaced by better approach given in those articles(or maybe even by the language/tool creators, because my code is more of a hack) ??

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    Fully understand what they're doing before you commit to using their code.

    Personally, I'd ship what you have, there's no benefit in second guessing yourself right now if no one is there to call you to the floor on it. Elegance matters and is optimal, but in business it's about shipping product; done beats perfect every time. It's already better than the software that doesn't exist.

    Bonus: You get to ride in like a fucking hero with the "refactor optimization" that eliminates thousands of lines of code a few months from now.
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    @SortOfTested thanks for the confidence boost
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