Being a junior myself before all I can say with others that came after me was:

- Keep your head down
- Don't take everything as an offense
- People are rude or angry, but that's just how we are: we deal with normal users' BS everytime that we just wanted a break.

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    "Keep your head down" has to be some of the worse advice I was ever given. Not only is it unprofessional, it's essentially saying "shut up, the big boys are talking - know your place, trash".
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    @junon This.

    Though being too outspoken or too different can easily get you ostracized or fired. Know your audience.
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    If you have to keep your head down then either you're working in a terrible environment or need to listen more and keep your arrogance in check.
    In any case, not speaking up is terrible advice.
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    @junon I wouldn't really say that, a year ago a junior was complaining too much about how a senior was always up in their ass and most of us thought it was the senior's fault.

    Later on we found out this sack of shit of a junior was just causing drama for the senior for no absolute reason - the guy was just reminding them of their workload not being done.

    Also another case was when a junior had complained about our CQ being too strict (surprise surprise it wasn't - the guy just doesn't know how to code standards).

    So my "keep your head down" was a little under-explained.
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    @caramelCase Be that as it may, that's a corner case - most of the time "keep your head down" is a way for a manager to assert dominance over their subordinates. It's an incredibly toxic, well known line to say, especially in big top-down corporate environments.
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