You sure you don't like doing other things and really want to work here?

Very well, my advice is this: Use the library restrooms, they get cleaned every 2 hours, if you use the one here in our building make sure you go before the D man or else it will be unbearable.

Have fun bitch

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    Shitting rules. I completely forgot about those. So much luxury nowadays and I got soft.
    Smiling to this day - how I managed to work with 20-30 people and 2 bathrooms.
    Still better then 3 shit holes for a floor and 4 showers for whole building in dormitory.
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    @vane i will walk out and get home if the toilets are not presentable. I despise how people leave toilets at work and envy the 3 women in my building for having theirs
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    @AleCx04 Totally understand.
    Don’t even get me started on closing toilet doors. Is it also a thing there ?
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    Used to work near a fancy hotel and one of the advice from an officemate is to cross the street and use the hotel's bathrooms because it is way nicer and free. And that we can take the stairs and use the bathroom of the other floors which are under a different company like for number two work so one won't be easily identified. Good advice.
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