Another day, another job description

# Benefits
- Flexible work hours
: You'll be coding to midnight
- Ability to work from home some days
: But watch out for those other days..
- Our office space provides free coffee, beer and soft drinks as well as an amazing modern workspace
: Our tax expense will get you gee'd up and tipsy til you loose track of time. (Future diabetes health insurance not included).
- Growth and future progression opportunity
: Pinky promise!
- Receive valuable company equity
: Plus a set of steak knives for four easy payments
- Latest MacBook Pro
: We own this. We own the thoughts you have while looking at this. Plese think many thoughts.

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    Isn't life about these momentary pleasures (exploitation)

    Btw it's eerie how similar our avatars are.
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    @3rdWorldPoison could be. Good to laugh about it all the same
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    In my previous job they offered me a company share options instead of a pay rise. What this means is that you get e certain shares from the company but you don’t actually own them until the company gets acquired or sold. Only in such even you get the chance the exercise your right of selling your shares and this is only if the acquirer wants to buy them off of you. Those “perks” have no real value and they don’t pay my mortgage, neither they bring food to mu table. Needless to say I switched jobs
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    @PappyHans Lmao equity shares are a joke tbh unless you get incredibly lucky with timing but that's just external factors at play. You might as well win the lottery.
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    Yeah. Forgot to mention you only have the share options while you work for the company, so if you quit you loose. Not sure who they’re fooling with this
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    If the overtime is not paid then I'm in. Simple as that
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