My advice to those juniors working with their boss,

if u tried to get close to him/her for any reasons,

don't become friend with each other.

just don't ask why?😏

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    I dare to ask. Why? 🙂
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    Your reverse psychology has worked ffs. Now tell us Why.
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    @iamai @RikaroDev well, we have talked about personal matters togethers, but now that he doesn't pay me well for no reasons, and as i stop agsinst him, he uses those speechs of mine as my weakness spots. and so do i
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    @faramarz oh damn. Wish you better pay or a better job rather 🤔
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    @faramarz sounds bad...as much as possible he should learn to separate his role as a friend and as a boss. But with so little context as to what the conversation was I just hope he was trying to mentor. If he was rationalizing low pay and using your words against you then it's job to try but tell me frankly it has quite the opposite effect in yoy. Sometimes how we think and act outside work and while in work have commonalities in the process. If his advice is for your growth and improvement maybe it's something to consider. But if he is just using it as manipulation then yeah it's best to consider distancing.
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