Yay, now I know what that windows update was about... oh no, this isn't another "fuck windows, update broke shit again" post.

This is a "wtf, you dodgey shit bags" kind of post, "you" managed to install Skype, install this stupid ducking "meet now" service - which is fucking hidden (anyone have any pointers? Google's not doing its job yet), and now I have to uninstall office completely to remove Skype 🤦‍♂️

Why won't you fuckers let it go, didn't we ALL move to teams recently?

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    Many of us moved to slack
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    @SortOfTested slack was a once upon a time ago, we migrated to teams, well I say migrated, but it was more forced upon as.

    I still have old jenkins deployments sending notifs through to slack, but yea it's not the main chat anymore.
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    One size fits all approaches to reduce IT complexity at the expense of engineer productivity are just the best.
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    Because Microsoft would so much like to ape Apple and Google.

    In reality, Microsoft is like some teen who has attached a spoiler to his Hyundai compact car and shows up downtown with some oregano in small plastic pouches while playing gangsta rap from his phone's speakers.
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    @Fast-Nop you captured my teenage years right there 😂
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