my day went to shit immediately... long night, got to sleep at 4AM, poked awake at 8AM, "hey wake up we gotta go to a town 200 miles away, dress like you're rich, we gotta go find a place to live for my new job" ugh, fine, got another 30 minutes or so of sleep in the car. We get there, the guy shows us a place that I physically can't fully stand up in and is like 600-some square feet for $750/month. Fuck that. We get halfway back home, "hey i forgot, we just finished renovating a new unit, come look!" goddammit gotta go BACK to the city... get there, it's a 2-floor 1200 square foot place for $675, a hell of a lot better. We leave to go see relatives in town, get a call, "hey hurry home your grandfather's hallucinating" we get there before an ambulance (we traveled 120 miles in less time than an ambulance took to drive 50 miles...) and my grandfather's hauled (by us, as the ambulance refuses to take him to the right hospital, they want to take him OUT OF STATE in an ambulance and he's not actively dying) to the VA in the city we were just in... he's immediately screened and his dementia has progressed to the point he needs to be in a nursing home in 12 hours somehow. I have no idea either. Anyways, we're about 3/4 of the way back home and it's now 2:40AM. My dad's been driving for 18 hours pretty much straight. I'm still awake, he's wired (the worst possible state to be in while driving) and family drama has happened as family members are already trying to take the land my grandpa lived on AND HE'S LITERALLY ONLY BEEN GONE FOR 6 HOURS.

so how was your day?

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    Man... That last part is really hard.

    My condolences. I'd suggest you tell all greedy family members to go fuck themselves and that they look straight in the mirror and see what kind of 'people' they are.
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    @NeatNerdPrime oh trust me they know exactly what kind of people they are, and they love being that way.
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    Oh my gawd. How does this keep getting worse with each sentence?
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    ... turn out my day was pretty awesome, as this rant had just explained to me.
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    @Parzi I find that the best solution to people like that is moving away and never speaking to them again.

    In lieu of that: disowning them, getting a restraining order, or just fixing their brakes and saving the world a lot of trouble.
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    @Root they already don't live with us, they're a different branch of the family not linked to me, and I have no idea where they live.
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    @Parzi We just went through something similar.

    Some semi-distant relative (an obese, toothless, lifelong welfare whore) convinced my girlfriend’s senile grandmother to sign a power of attorney making her the executor of said grandmother’s estate. She then rewrote the will giving herself absolutely everything, and then hid all of the paperwork and refused to talk to or see anyone.

    To make matters worse, she previously had a related lawyer (sister’s husband?) lie to my girlfriend and said grandmother, telling them that they needed to sign some paperwork to do ... idk what with the house, but in reality it was removing my girlfriend’s name from the house, as they were both co-owners. With the above, this means said welfare whore would get our house, too.

    Upon discovering this, we managed to — after considerable effort — convince said grandmother what was going on, get her certified as coherent enough to make her own decisions again, get a court to rescind the power of attorney, and have her rewrite her will. She ended up giving my girlfriend’s brother everything — since he has been taking care of her for the past almost ten years — and the whore absolutely nothing. The best part about this last bit: the welfare whore doesn’t know it yet. So she’s still all smug over her scam.

    Said brother is going to give my girlfriend the house back when their grandmother dies.

    Drama drama drama drama drama drama.

    People like that simply should not exist.
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