So today I thought I’ll try svelte. It was an horrible experience if I compare it to stencil.

I have to install four extensions just to make the file format working properly.

Half of the intellisense is wrong or just slow.

The formatter is not integrated as an vs-code formatter, therefor it can’t format on save automatically.

The source maps do indeed work, but is quite wonky at times. Typescript source code is shown as-is with types, which breaks chrome’s syntax highlighter.

Personally, I dislike template languages simply because I always have to look at the docs for the correct usage, just let me use the stuff I know from JavaScript!

I could also rant about a few small things like the on:something syntax, but eh, that’s it for now. I don’t think I’ll understand why so many like it.

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    It's still a small project, so I think it's okay that some stuff doesn't work yet. My opinion on it is that it's perfectly fine to use it for smaller projects and I like it's shortness.

    I think I'm on kind of the opposite end, because for me templated stuff is easier than mixing js with ui building.

    Anyways, it's a perfectly understandable rant.
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    Most of your complaints are with vscode, don't you think it is a problem that your editor dictates which technologies you adopt?
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    @momad You’re saying things just magically work if I switch to WebStorms? Doubt that for a non-standard file format.

    Besides, most of the earliest IDE support is for vscode, because that’s what people actually use, duh.

    And at my company I’m known for “That guy who speeds up our build/intellisense times”, so yes, my Editor is setup correctly. Besides, I just used what the official tutorial said I shall do.

    I also don’t think that my editor dictates what I should use, vscode is my primary one, but not the only one.

    What I generally dislike is a custom file format like vuejs did. And a templating language that doesn’t really help you doing things faster. Like we add this specific syntax to do this specific thing, why not have one thing that can handle all cases? Even Angular handled that better using their Directives.

    I’d take this one millisecond for each render cycle but have no requirement of any framework specific extension any day of the week.
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    I also hate svelte just cause of the syntax and indentation. It gets so annoying and I had to quit
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