I want a boring software developer job. I’ve been working for software consulting companies since the beginning. And is just so stressful. Clients always ranting, the need to always be in the cutting edge, or even the complete opposite. There’s always pressure to get certified in X o Y. I don’t want that anymore. I don’t want to be constantly catching up with the latest stack or framework. I want a boring job. A slow-paced job maybe maintain some old hunk of software that does not give too much trouble. I’m tired of putting down fires all the time. Of running against the clock to deliver a meaningless app. Because all this apps don’t contribute to anything in the world. Just more clutter, more bloat. I just want to work 8 to 5 and be done with it. Just throw myself in the couch after it and play some games. Maybe do some gardening. Or bread. I love bread. Don’t you love bread?

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    I ♥️ Brad
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    Just get a job within the city council or government. Slowness is ingrained at all levels of management, carefully maintained over decades of meetings and coffee drinking.

    Two of my gigs have been like that, while everything in the private sector have been rat races. I actually quit the first government gig because I couldn't handle the slow pace.
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    I also love bread. You should make a sourdough yeast starter and start making your own bread. As for the job related stuff. Maybe get into game indie game dev. Set your own pace.
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    should say that I'm lucky, because I found exactly that type of the job in financial sector. And it's not even boring as there is always new legislation causing the maintenance to be a neverending story
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    @devdiddydog jaa, you’re right. The thing is most of my current employer’s clients are government agencies. We do the jobs they don’t. Is a tragic irony really.
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    @stub I do have a sourdough starter. Its name is Carmín. I love making bread. Also love gardening. I do both to feel human. We, as a species, have been doing agriculture and bread for thousands of years. Is the most human thing to do.

    I would love to do indie game dev. If only I was creative enough and didn’t have to pay bills. I guess what I really need is a year-long vacation.
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    @bonaventure Hmm, interesting. I should look more into that.
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