I answered an robocall and all the robot said was "good bye". This must be the unit test of robocalls.

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    Was that robot searching for a sentient being to communicate with?
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    Better than my tests
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    Reminds me of a medical helpline I rang earlier, after listening to all the options, told me to press X, it then repeated the entire process again, just in case I didn't get it the first time..

    Then, after another long speell, my options was either:

    Covid 19

    Something else.

    Well, its something else..

    What earth shattering advice do I get:

    "Contact your doctor"..

    Well, that was a waste of time !

    Which I told my dentist it would be..

    But at least now I can confirm, I did ring the helpline number, and now can they help me..

    My dentist is now open and shocked that I haven't been to have my tooth fixed..

    Well, you was closed for months, and I didn't want to catch covid19 then, as I didn't know a lot about it..

    Plus, now the pain is a 7 out of 10 and nothing seems to help, I can't sleep and wonder how many more days before exhaustion kicks in..

    But I do now have an appointment (Baring bad weather, since I live on an island..) next week.
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    You might ask, why didn't I ask my doctor, well my doctor refused to answer any medical questions or offer any help because its tooth related, and that is the dentists domain..

    Anyhow, I managed more by luck than effort, to find another doctor, who told me officially, they couldn't help me either..

    And then unofficially did, hurray !

    So I at least got a dentist appointment.

    So as long as I don't drop dead before then, things should be fine.

    Though I guess you can always drop dead whilst having your tooth out right..

    Or the ferry could sink..

    Or the dentist could die before you get there..
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    Why do you never hear of drone attacks on call centres ?

    I mean, how hard is it to trace a call !
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    They're just testing for live numbers. Now that you picked up, you're on a list :/
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