Stop the long coding sprints if you are stuck upon something. Take a break. Come back.

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    Words of wisdom from a friend of mine that works at a coal mine, that can actually apply to most things in life..
    If a disaster happens, don't panic, don't go rushing in..take a step back, evaluate situation, think of the good plan & get to work. No point in rushing in, making bad decisions that could worsen situation & endanger people more..
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    @sladuled I cannot look miners the same way after watching HBO's Chernobyl
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    @3rdWorldPoison Cuz they were naked? 🤔

    Joke aside, not many realize how many ordinary people sacrifized their lives that day so that we are kinda safe now..
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    @sladuled nah just the power they held. At least the dramaticised representation makes them look badass.
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