So I wanted to publish the spherical voronoi minesweeper on steam. I paid the one time fee, submitted my tax document and then never heard back, and that’s four month ago.

Shall I just open source it, it’s a unity project so idk how the structure of that should be.

I can also just put the built version on github, if the file size is not enormous.

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    You can ask Steam support (I hope) or publish your game on GOG. Don't give up
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    if you oaid the fucking fee you SHOULD have got a response.

    start a 4chan thread. see how fucking fast that news spreads. they love to hate on gabe.

    bet you, you get a response in 72 hours.
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    @Wisecrack @Gxost I mean, I was thinking about publishing it for free anyway, I’m just not having any hope of getting a response
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    @Wisecrack @Gxost wait shit, the tax document has been approved, they just never fucking told me wtf
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