Look, if I send you an email, don't just immediately ping me via IM to answer. I sent you an email because (a) I was too busy to chat in the first place, and (b) it wasn't a super-critical question requiring an immediate interaction. I was, in fact, trying to do YOU a favor by using a medium that almost by design doesn't dictate an instant reply. You basically defeated the entire purpose of me CHOOSING to send an email in the first place.

Yeah, I know, I should just be happy that you are a helpful person who respects me and so wanted to get to me ASAP rather than one of the dinguses that never answer anything... but I'm a dick too, so I'm not.

Honor the "Importance Code of the Communication Mechanisms", damn it!

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    I just love it when people respond on different medium.
    Because everyone loves having to switch through 3 different programs to find details from first message whenever they need it. /s
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    I don't reply to emails. Email needs to stop being the historical communication archive in workplaces. All it takes it one absolute tool who always replies on their phone with an app that doesn't support threading or supports backwards threading and the chain is basically corrupted.
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    Depends on whether it's formal or informal, If he prefers IM, you should respect his choice of medium.
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    Working with a client who says after you email, ping me. 😅
    I'm more for email just to get that history or official feel to the message. But if the topic sounds critical or somebody in the background is asking updates like it's critical 🙄, then chat or calls will likely be done.
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    Instant messages don't dictate an immediate reply either, especially if they support threading
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    @electrineer Yeah, I don't get people who are upset over me not replying immediately or temporarily leaving them on read. If you want an answer _now_, call me and suffer my rightful annoyance for having interrupted me. Otherwise assume that l might take up to an hour or two to answer, because I have other things to do.
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    On a similar note, people who IM asking me to IM someone else....

    No. Either you have no respect for anybody's time or you are afraid of the answer you're going to get. Do it yourself.
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