Oauth2 examples.

Seriously all examples I found use library that use library that use library to just build url encoded parameters like this


Got me 5 hours to dig going trough couple of github repos with implementation to see that shit at the end.

Seriously people !!!
Start thinking before you write single line.
I don’t want to download 10 dependencies and 100MB+ just to send 2 requests with url encoded parameters.

It’s in every - literally every language.

I know you’re stupid but please just try to understand how things work instead of copy paste another stackoverflow and medium snippet.

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    Nope, that's the world now. No more engineering, just sacrifice all quality on the altar of line item cost reduction.
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    You know what time it is?

    Time to write your own library :) (Can be taken as both joke and serious statement)

    Before : 10 library which do the same thing

    Now : 11 library which do the same thing
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    I think the best way to figure out what should be done is to read RFC because it provides complete description of OAuth2. When I needed such information I just read the RFC. Also, IdentityServer4 documentation contains some examples.
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    @mr-user I won’t write library to make 1 request, receive 1 request and open browser. Cause that’s the whole thing.

    What I can do is write general description with diagrams of how it works so all of those libraries look stupid.
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