I just ran system updates on my PC and it looks like Nvidia has enabled ultra dark mode on their new 455 driver by default.

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    What do you mean dark mode on their driver? You mean the nvidia settings app?
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    Linux moment
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    I mean my entire screen is black.
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    The joy of having a NVIDIA driver that is incompatible the latest kernels.
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    @Berkmann18 I think 5.4 is very far from latest. In this case it is just Nvidia unable to get their shit together. I am so glad that the new AMD GPUs seems to be great and also Intel is going to release theirs GPUs. Both will have much better Linux support than this piece of crap.
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    @lamka02sk True, I was referring the new ones since the breakage was public info (at least in the Arch community).

    Yeah, it's great that AMD is getting there, although I'm unsure how useful their GPUs are for Deep Learning where NVIDIA GPUs have been the only decent ones so far. I hope that will change.
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    I am now back on my beloved 440. Firstly I tried 450 again, but scrolling in PHPStorm and DataGrip was like 5fps, so I went back to 440, which was the last driver working fine for me.
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    Nice, I was apprehensive of using the latest version with the regular kernel but then noticed that it didn't make a difference except for softwares that needed something better than the iGPU, but at the same time the GPU is dead.
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