Jit guy who is onboarding me talks slow, stutters(only in English) and talks 3x fucking times than-repeats sentences, tries to talk about things he does not know and ends with “I don’t remember/know it now”. Someone kill me please. I am too soft against these types, how can I say you are talking too much etc politely? It is like he feels lonely in corona times and wants to “onboard” me whenever possible...

Note: jit guy is the guy who pronounces Git as jit from my old rant.

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    Aw I'd hate that too. Nice of him to want to help but it kinda sucks when his help isn't helpful.
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    You can simply say "you are repeating yourself often. I got what you said the first time"

    It is not about being soft or polite. Just convey in the simplest possible words
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    @asgs This or after, the first time, say "gotcha" or "got it" nice and clear (or one of the other variants).
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    You're lucky man, at least you get an onboarding personnel assigned to you.

    I'll take any slow, stuttering guy who's willing to teach me step by step during onboarding rather than silent, "telling me to RTFM" guy who very rarely checks up on my progress when I am still new to the company. But I also understand that they do that because they are already overloaded with tasks.
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    @asgs in an ideal world, i would. Hell, even in my old company I would. But he is otherwise well mannered person that I am just waiting for onboarding to finish.
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    @Berkmann18 yeah maybe I shall do that, it seems to have some effect on him actually.
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    @aviophile That's good, sometimes people don't they've been heard and those usually work.
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    @aviophile you are lucky that he is well mannered. I'm sure he is open to feedback
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