Currently I am taking a cs college degree but I would like to start working/freelancing wtv to earn some practical experience, but no one will hire a first year for anything at all and I dont seem to find any part time jobs that ask for programmers.
Any advice?

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    How long have you been developing for? You might be jumping the gun?
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    2 years or so. We gotta start somewhere..
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    I did that too when I was in my first year in my Uni. Got to say it's pretty hard to start off not for the jobs but you can't keep a balance between uni and work,(at least I could not).

    My advice is to have some sort of portfolio to showcase what you know and always personally write them about you and your plan and all those extra fields that are in the former (assuming you are in freelancer. com)

    Since I'm a hobbyist game Dev I had a portfolio and I could get easier work + because I was in need for money at the time I used to take the lowest reward 3 days deadline and try to get at least 2 jobs every week.

    So in the end, start making your stuff at your ease, maybe go to some hackathons and other competitions to get to know what's like to be up 24-48 hours. Build a portfolio and you'll be ready. Of course you can just spam jobs till you get some and build your portfolio from there.
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    Start a blog.
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    You will learn a lot by building a business and maybe make some money.
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