Rust is a nice language but the learning curve is quit steep so if you don't have time to pick it up I'd suggest using another language especially for assignments if they give you the choice. Otherwise you might like me and my classmates spend more time fighting the rust compiler than doing the assignment

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    I actually found Rust relatively easy to learn compared to many other languages. I find it very logical, one could even say. But yeah, you might want to choose a lang you’re familiar with for assignments
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    @100110111 true if that's a choice but the choices were unfamiliar for most students, stats so far: haskell 500 lines, scala 1000 lines, rust 2000 lines(most picked lang) and I haven't heard about anyone picking ocaml. This is for a grad course for reference
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    Who wants the easy way out?!

    I deliberately picked the language I *least* wanted to when given choices like this. Sure tore my hair out more than others, but I learnt the basics of a whole bunch of languages I wouldn't have otherwise.
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    @matt-jd uuuh nice choices. It would’ve been hard to pick between Rust, Haskell and OCaml - depending on what’s meant to be done with them of course.

    Out of those 3 tho, Haskell had a deeper learning curve than Rust for me, even as (or because mb?) I already had a bg in F#. Haven’t given OCaml much of a shot yet, meaning that I’ve read it but never done anything with it, so hard to say anything about it really.
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    @AlmondSauce well I could just ad well learnt scala, I mean the assignment doesn't really get easier it's just rust having you type out more shit, however I do also appreciate learning it as it does have its use cases
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    I faced the same issue with rust - learn c++ and get shit done.
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    @amoux like mentioned previously you had to choose from haskell, ocaml, scala and rust. Also I'd rather just write plain c or java instead of cpp
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