Don't fake it until you make it if you can't pull it off.

A few times I encountered people lying about their skills. And then admit that they can't do it when it's too late. That just knocks the project timeline off!

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    Honestly, I feel ashamed that I used to be such a foolish person.
    It's painful to handle many shits because of being arrogant.
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    But you can't make it, unless you fake it!

    I sense a catch-22 here.
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    So much this. Fake it till you make it, only applies to CONFIDENCE. Nothing else. It means if you're worried you can't do it, just fake your confidence till you get good enough that your confidence appears naturally.

    It does not mean fake your skills in an interview. Don't apply to a job if you can't do it. You can't fake ability, no matter what your shitty motivational Facebook feed tells you.
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    How about if I misjudge my skills?
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    @homo-lorens then learn from the time where you misjudged and work on yourself
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