I'm considering applying for a job i know for a fact I can't get but I'm gonna try requesting to be an unpaid intern rather than try and get the actual position. That way I can learn from people above me in ability and still participate in building a program I actually use myself (the shockbyte hosting site for those curious https://shockbyte.com/jobs )

Of course I'd still keep my current paid job too. This would just be a learning endeavor for me

But what does devRant think of my plan

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    Don't do work unless you're paid. If they are teaching you 90% and expect almost no work done, then sure. You can always work for free for yourself, often you'll learn much more (especially, when you won't be using any in-house proprietary solutions)
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    Made my fair share of mistakes in the past. You'll learn more when you have expectations attached. Does not happen in unpaid internships.
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