Dear Apple,

We've sent you a new message regarding your app, Xcode. To view or reply to the message, go to the Resolution Centre.
We noticed that your app did not fully meet the terms and conditions for reasonable fucking update size. Your latest app update requires over 40 GB of free fucking disk space. Please bear in mind that many of your own fucking laptops only have 120 GB of disk space. For optimum user experience, it would be best if the user didn't have to uninstall other apps from their system just to run your shitty update system.

Next Steps:

To resolve this problem, we recommend that you fix your shit. If you are unable to fix your shit, we recommend that you don't take 30% of all iOS developer's income so that you can make giant fucking glass donut buildings, and instead use that ridiculously disproportionate monopoly-abusing cut and invest that money in fixing your shit, to lighten the load of developers on whose backs you have become the most cash-rich company in human history.


There are plenty of resources such as Stack Overflow to take advantage of, in order to learn how not to create a bloated piece of shit IDE.

Once you've completed all required changes, please upload a new binary to the App Store.

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    I believe most of it is swift and llvm 😂
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    Yeah, that will surely make them listen.

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    This could be categorised as spam and moved to bin automatically
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    As a fan of Xcode, I absolutely agree!

    Except for the bloated piece of shit. It's not bloated and a good IDE. The problem is that the updates are not updates but complete new downloads.

    It sucks and you did a good job at describing why!
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    Maybe this is how they plan to sell the higher end models with 1TB storage
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    Buying a 128GB model was the biggest fucking mistake of my life.
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    This rant is my new religion.
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