include <studio.h>
int year;
int main(){
if (year==2016){}
printf("Happy %d!!",year);
be happy;
return 0;

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    While that works, maybe make year volatile just in case.... Happy new year though!
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    Should be #include <stdio.h>, year isn't initialized anywhere, "be happy;" isn't a valid statement, and your print command could probably do with a trailing newline ("\n"). Also, why not just an "if(year!=2016)" instead of having an empty if block in front of an else block?

    4/10, see me after class.
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    Well that will give some compile errors, but happy new year to you buddy!
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    Oh, come on, I was improvising 😅, it is not so bad. By the way, happy new year!!
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    @pbhoiwala The autocorrection
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