very interesting how uni stressed me tf out but is still better than school has been.
I'm taking a class which has a theoretical and practical part, and there is a guy leading the practical lesson. and after struggling to find motivation for studying, this class somehow probably gives me my hopes back... even though I'm way less capable than the rest in what we're doing, I still can follow everything, which is very suprising to me because I'm always behind and the class has some recommended classes I should've taken before (but I failed some or didn't take them at all)... I still can follow the class somehow?

so... school taught me to not ask question because even if they say there are no dumb questions... the possibility still existed that I could ask a dumb question (shoutout to my math teacher in 3rd class). so... I stopped and when I didn't understand something I gave up.

now... this class makes me feel differently, I can ask questions and the guy I've talked about talks to me normally, talks to me as human beings should talk with each other and doesn't judge me for making a mistake, because... mistakes are human and when I allow myself to ask questions I can learn from it.

this is really a weird epiphany I had this week

and I also don't know if anything of this makes sense

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    As my algorithms professor told us: "I get excited when one of you make a mistake because that is the first step in learning the correct way"

    Keep at it, you're doing great 😊
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