I’m in between jobs due to the pandemic and need structure in my life. I have ADHD and no structure makes me a sad panda. I’m desparately grasping for some online educational content bc my previous tech stacks are a little old and need to keep up with the modern stacks so I can get a new role and have a structured regimen that school gives.

Unfortunately most of these courses are just boring as shit video lectures where you watch the developer code! WTF!! They’re advertised as “you will code a real world application” and 🤣you get a certificate at the end!

So if anyone took a full stack curriculum using modern stacks like the MEAN stack where they actually developed something themselves, post it here please?

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    You know what I find? Reading BOOKS work so much better than sitting like a moron watching YouTube videos - if learning a new tech stack is the goal that is. Watching YouTube like a moron for a lot of other things is great!
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    @devdiddydog thanks, I prefer text over videos. Programming vids are boring and slow as hell
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    Agreed. The slowness you can solve by setting the speed to 3x, but then it's like being taught by Alvin the chipmunk. And he knows fuck all about technology!
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    I'd probably spend the time to further tweak my dotfiles to reach the peak of fancy terminal applications,

    Or meme myself into Rust and/or nim
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    FrontendMasters is good. Scrimba’s cool.
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    @AmyShackles Thanks! I’ll look up scrimba, not sure I’ve heard of it before your post
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