That moment you realize you are at the end of that period of life when you have a lot of free time...

I recently moved and live on my own. I'm still studying and I'm finding small jobs as a developer (I make the money I need to live). So far so good, but recently I found out that the career path I'm taking it's not what I actually want to do.

I do not regret it, I'm happy and I feel lucky comparing myself to others in my country.

But I can't stop thinking that the more I go on the less choices I can make freely and that growing up sucks sometimes.

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    Welcome to capitalism
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    I agree. Can I just be 5 years old again with my only responsibilities being simple math homework and playing with my friends? 🥺 Being an adult is so overrated, even if you get to eat cookies for all meals.
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    I'm looking forward to old age, when I can stop giving a fuck again
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