Looking back on my Christmas holidays while waiting for my train to come.
I wrote my last exam on the 22, took the train home on 23, spent Christmas and the 25 with my family, searched for a new apartment for 3 days, had two days left to do an assignment due to the 30, was packing till 3 in the morning today and will have my first day of work tomorrow. (Yeah, I spend new year's Eve home alone and completely sober...)
I wonder when I will have an entire meltdown and become some Joker level psychopath... Also happy new year everybody 😁

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    You must be from one of the European nations that celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve (the 24th) to write "Christmas and the 25".

    The UK and many others celebrate Christmas on the 25th.

    Happy New Year!
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    @Wildgoose well we did celebrate on the 25th as well, but the 24 is "Christmas (Eve)", so yeah.
    *Insert same, same, but different, but still the same gif here*
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    Are young italian? Only italiano tell 24th "Christmas". I'm italian. Happy New Year
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    @opensource nah, I'm German.
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    @opensource not necessarily true I'm afraid, many Europeans do
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    Sorry... I believe only in Italy
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