what to do when you reviewed an MR several times and the programmer updated it several times and there's always something new that the programmer missed and you are tired of pointing out things to change and the negligence of the programmer and the programmer thinks that you're nitpicking but you just want things right and you have less experience than him and you are not so confident to keep saying what is wrong.

there is no commas in the above paragraph, is that a figure of speech or just bad English?

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    Hahahaha. This sounds a lot like my colleague.
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    Approve it and watch the world burn
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    Change job.
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    change the programmer.

    i made the mistake of wasting two weeks with two guys who were unable to do a single task each properly, until i did both of those tasks in half an hour while screensharing, during our "standup call" and then told them to fuck off.

    should have done it after three days instead, because when i told my boss, i was then told to fuck off, and rightfully so.
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