I feel this should go without saying: When you submit your curriculum vitae to a company in search of a job offer, or at least an interview then plz plz plz pretty please eith cherries on top make sure that you at l ast tailored the application towards the general direction of the industry for which you are trying to apply.

Some of the applications we got......booooooooooy these people.....

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    You won't accept 10 years of experience in professional asshole widening as reference for a backend job?
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    @Fast-Nop but... but I am a COMPETITIVE lemon squasher 😳
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    @Fast-Nop you raise a good point my friend
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    Managing CVs is a depressing task
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    In a marketing firm in Idaho about 10 years ago we got a resume come in from Iraq. They were a shop owner with no prior experience or education. I can't imagine they knew they were even applying for us.

    The cover letter just said they needed training. Nothing else.
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