New year is the only +1 I do not give a fuck about. All it means is I am one year closer to death, so I will smoke one more cigarette after the last, one more cup of coffee with far too much sugar, and I will keep coding one more line after the other, and frankly it is just to distract me from the fact that there is always another +1, one more person to hate, one more word spoken, all so I can get to through one more year. So fuck the new year because there will always be another. But I won't always get a +1 on a rant.

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    Yeah I'm doing the opposite. Drinking less sugar and doing less bad things so I (potentially) have more years to enjoy.
    Of course you can not be sure of getting more years but there's no need to speed up the process by living unhealthy.
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    Besides, that talk looks like someone got dumped, or something!
    (just kidding!)

    ps. I also drink and smoke a lot when that happens. I'm with ya on that!
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    @W1ckeD each to their own. :)
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    @awsomeCoder nope not dumped but guess one could say I have a general outlook on life resembling the facial expression of someone taking a fat dump.
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    @penderis Definitely!
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