Looks like my new years resolution is to be more controversial.

I realize that all the OSes can easily have 10s with the correct setup, however that wouldn't be much fun.

Bit of background:

After I almost threw a Windows pc against the wall for not being able to ssh from the cmd after I had already spent ages trying to install something, which was one command on the Linux and Mac terminal, I thought about the differences between the 3. Then, when a friend of mine (who has used Linux for many years) spent many hours trying to connect a pair of headphones to his Linux computer, I decided to make this graph to spark a debate and hear your opinions.

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    Graph seems to be quite accurate imo
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    @chasb96 Which ones don't have ssh? Not counting the diy ones like Arch and Gentoo
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    MacOS is probably a bit more to the right.
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    I think that the Linux Subsystem feature on Windows 10 would launch the command without issues :-)
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    @MartinZikmund Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (that's actually its name) is actually kinda nice.
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    At the risk of sounding Windows fanboy (which I definitely am not) I'd like to drop 'Cygwin' in this thread. It's a bash terminal for Windows that, while derpy with its package management, can in fact do SSH agent... things.

    Hosting an ssh-friendly Windows server is still something of a task with it, but it can be done.
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    @stisch bash subsystem for Windows is frankly better than cygwin because its the real deal but in both instances what I dont like is the ntfs file system
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    cygwin is epic. I have used that with my desktop and it is pretty kickass. Don't love the setup process for it, but it works and it can be fully integrated with cmd, so you don't need to worry about having to open a different program.@stisch
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