Marketing coworker: We MUST integrate with XYZ

Me: sure, they have a REST API and OAuth2. What part of our system do you want to integrate with XYZ?

coworker: Emmm... I don't know. Everything

Me: ...okay. What does XYZ even do?

coworker: Emmm... our customers use it, so we have to integrate with them.

Me: fine. I'm reading that XYZ has function ABC and PQR. Which one do our customers use?

coworker: ABC, definitely ABC


coworker: Our customers say nothing is working!

*looks into the problem*
Me: That's because they're using PQR and not ABC.

This kind of research is NOT my job, it's YOURS

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    Fucking dimwits!
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    I have to say, it might be because of the naming. Good comprehensible names are important, just calling your function PQR gets people confused.
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    True. I was referring to Quotes. Everyone in the industry uses "Sales Orders" and "Transactions" but this ond merged these two meanings into "Quotes"

    THAT SAID, if the marketing team had actually done their research that they're paid to do, they would know the difference and would be able to explain to me.
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    Just make sure you always document what they have requested (jira/slack/mail/..) to cover your own butt
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    This sounds like Salesforce buying Slack just for the posible integrations lol
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