bezelless ist just an fbi-method to avoid sticky tape over the camera for it would affect the screen.

seriously i am just excited and a bit bragging over my new black friday xps13 9300

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    How's it?
    I'm thinking about buying a new laptop and the 9300 is on the list of possible devices.
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    actually nice. 4x3 display, unexpected heavy due to aluminum case, hinge makes a good impression.
    cons are only two usb-c ports **including** charger port making an additional adapter obligatory and slim up and down keys. having to get used to general slightly different keyboard layout.
    i regret going uhd a bit, the additional price for this might have not been smart considering the small screen.
    software appears a bit bloated (beside win10 bloatware) and the wifi-manager recommends slightly aggressive to buy a new connection point with the current one not having the best specs.
    hope to finish installation and having some work done this evening.
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    @metamourge still happy. does support ultrawide monitors flawless. plus you can save on heating bill 🤡
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