I use a couple of web apps for school (well I'm forced to actually) and some of them are just fucking terrible. I mean they've got some fancy design and stuff but they can't even make a normal text box that will actually let me do the most basic things like copy and pasting and using my home and end keys. Like doing any studying just takes 10 times longer than it has to.

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    So much this. They hire out some no name company to build shitty apps we have no option but to use.

    My favourite "bug" which the platform initially had was it reset every user's password to a default string every X days. Luckily nobody really cared enough to exploit
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    @stix for me it's not that bad, still using these thing is a pain and the only updates I've seen was a revamp of the UI that by no means needed it, while leaving their actual coding that desperately needed work for what it is
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