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I'm quitting. Seems like owners took a huge chance in the past couple years when the business was doing good, and didn't plan for any kind of potential trouble. Now the stress is going through the roof, noting we do is good or fast enough, there's micromanagement everywhere. On top of that, it seems the company took a huge financial risk with the project I've been in charge of, and isn't getting nearly enough customers to cover that. As a result, people were told to lie about new features we've had in works to attract customers.

Several other people are quitting in the following months, and it seems like it's all coming down like a house of cards.

On a brighter note, I'll be done with all this just in time for my exams, so I can properly prepare for them.

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    It'll feel good to be out of there, I'm sure.
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    Hey ,am also thinking about going for masters. Are you going for a technical degree (MS/Mtech) or a business degree (Mba or some other) ? And if i may ask, what are your thoughts behind this decision to persue higher studies ?
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    @yowhatthefuck I'm doing a MS degree. In my experience, you can totally look up a bunch of simple image recognition tutorials online and make a recognition model for, say, detecting faulty products from in a production line. If that's the kind of knowledge you're interested in, you'll just waste your time studying for a masters.

    A masters study is just way more theoretical, and things you'll learn there have little practical value. However, it pushes you to explore things you wouldn't do on your own, like how to get a tight estimate for the value of some complex probability without calculating all the integrals, which will come in handy if you ever need to make some estimates for thousands of users.
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    @hitko I'm giving an example from data science since that's the field I'm studying, but as far as I'm aware the same general idea holds for other MS studies you can do here.
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    @hitko thanks for sharing this. So you are saying, you want to persue higher education because you want more knowledge of a particular domain and that too in an organized , curated manner?

    Yeah i bet those are the only 2 options : to either get knowledge from an institute in an curated syllabus like manner, or just follow tutorials, do practical work and gain that knowledge.

    It all depends upon the will to achieve knowledge and personal preference i guess. Most of people here and the ones i know in real life do want to get more knowledge, but don't want to follow any curriculum anymore. They are willful enough to have a destiny a focus for learning and their personal preference is to acquire that knowledge in work

    You and other people doing higher studies seem to have a similar focus,just a different preference for gaining education.
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    I personally am both confused and tired. I have just graduated and out of 50 something subjects that i did as a part of my course, only 20 or so were interesting and practically used (although the knowledge that college provided was even below the basics . I cannot call myself an engineer with only that level of knowledge) and 0 of them are responsible for getting me a job that i have today. I am an android dev , which i started as a hobby in my 2nd year.

    Thus i find myself on a conflicted path today. When i talk to people, a higher education seems to be preferred "theoretically", like "yeah you should do that, you will get a more senior post" or "yeah you should do that,you will learn in deep" or "yeah in our times 12th standard was the norm and graduation was the choice of genius , and in your gen graduation is a basic degree and masters show that you are something" or similar arguments.
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    But when it comes to practicality, i ask myself, is spending another 800-1200k on getting just a degree worth it? Much so,do i have the zeal , the hunger to gain new knowledge?l, given that am a guy who rejected going deeper into 20+ interesting college subjects
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