Next book: Why is it still not production ready?

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    *branches are just overheads*

    "Why committing on master and deploying directly on prod is a big brain move"
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    A: "We're done with MVP for this feature, we need your feedback."
    B: "Okay, but this feature allows users to integrate external content. I don't want to have two separate ways to handle content."
    A: "This wasn't mentioned anywhere. You do realise external content needs to be managed in a completely different way? We can't make a unified UX for external & internal content without some significant database & API changes!"
    B: "I don't care."
    A: "It'll take several months to make all these changes. I recommend we finish this feature in the next two weeks, then take care of unified UX."
    B: "No, I don't want you spending two weeks on a feature you'll have to completely change anyway."

    Two weeks later...

    B: "We need to deploy this feature, is it ready yet?"
    A: "Obviously no, you said we need to make all these database & UX changes!"
    B: "Well yeah, but hurry up, some big customers want this feature, even if it's not perfect!"
    A: "So should we go back to my plan?"
    B: "No!"
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