So I got approached by a recruiter... not from a recruitment consultant company, but from the company offering the position - which is a refreshing change. Now I have a dilemma....

On the other hand I’m really interested in their offer since the way they approached me by basically saying ”noticed you can do F# and we need F# devs” - so I have a chance at getting a job programming with the language I really like. And these opportunities don’t come around often, since F# isn’t really widely used anywhere it seems.

The caveat is, I really really enjoy working where I’m at now, even tho I mostly work with PHP (with the occasional Vue, C# and F# thrown in), but the atmosphere is unparalelled, my colleagues and my manager are the best, and the benefits are better than most companies can offer - so I’m a bit reluctant to change employer, especially since I have personally interesting projects coming up soon on the roadmap.

What should I do if the details for the offer I get are worth considering?

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    Consider this option:
    Take the job, then take a month off from work and work for a month for the new job, then decide which you want to keep.
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    @NoMad is this legal?
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    @craig939393 depending on your contract, might be. Govt usually prevents people from working elsewhere. Private companies by law can't.
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    @NoMad got to see what products/projects they want me for first tho, anyway, since non-competition clause on my contract may prevent me from accepting their offer if I’d end up working with competing products to my current employer’s product portfolio.

    But anyways, that approach is not possible - tho I wish it were.
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    Had to check: the job title for the person who contacted me is business manager. So I guess that means they mean business.
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    @SortOfTested @Root @F1973 I want your opinions, if you would please (of course I don’t know much details yet, but I kind of want advice on how to approach this)
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    @F1973 that sounds like a very sensible thing to do. Yes, I’m interested!
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    @F1973 read it. Will msg you later
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    Sounds like staying is the better choice 😊

    You can always write F# for fun, but leaving somewhere you are happy? That’s hard to replace.
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    @Root well yes, they’ll have to bring to the table a bloody good offer for me to jump ship, despite the opportunity to write F# and get paid for it sweetens the deal somewhat. But let’s say, double the pay and benefits that equal those I have now if not better, I may have to seriously consider.
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    @100110111 I understand. I left a really nice job because they offered a 41% raise, better benefits, and the ability to work completely remotely.

    I simply couldn’t turn it down.
    Felt horrible because I really loved my bosses and the work.
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    @Root exactly the scenario... I already feel horrible even agreeing to talks with them, half-thinking of even considering.
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    People do it all the time in startups. If someone takes a long vacation, it's usually because they're leaving.

    It's perfectly ethical given the terms of modern employment.
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    If it's the career trajectory you want and a better offer, get that paper. Business is business.
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    just do what feels right and makes you the happiest
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