What's your win this weekend?
And share a anomaly, if any, that you fixed.

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    Shit, it’s the weekend?!
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    Wanted to eliminate some copy/paste code and refactored it out to a dedicated function. Speed dropped by 1.5% - inacceptable.

    Re-thought it and did the refactoring a little differently. Speed increased by 2%, and the copy/paste code is gone!
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    I have refactored a 1200 line file to 1500 lines file. Sounds like a bad tradeoff? The old code was mixing the usage of data, ui and business logic so badly that one couldn't even track the flow without getting confused. Any stream was hiding and showing anything, i broke them down to 50+ clean functions based on the thing they changed . This could later be reafctored to multiple files for better seperation of concerns, bit right now it still looks beautiful .

    Now only if my small balled senior let me push those changes and not say "its working so we shouldn't touch that" and instead test my approach! Coupled shit will always eventually brake
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    Deleting numerous lines of code two projects while fixing bugs (e.g. returning null instead of the expected data) and keeping the testers happy.
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    I successfully installed Arch Linux on my first try on an old laptop

    Super excited to start playing around with i3 and ricing
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    My team is planning to do something similar. Our Jinja2 templates and Django Views are getting pretty complicated, mixing all of the UI + logic + security. We're thinking of building a whole other repo just for a static JavaScript server for the UI alone
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    New project (Kioxia) - new opportunirty ;)
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    Watched some Richard Feynman videos.
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