I didn't... Some of y'all might argue I'm not even a proper dev.. and I'd agree..
I'm fixing bugz & implementing a thing or two.. but all within how project was done.. you give me a blank project, I'd probably spend days reading up on how to do it properly and still couldn't decide what sounds good to me.

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    M o o d. I still don't consider myself a "good" programmer for this exact reason. I spend so long deliberating over what is a good choice. Can't just start writing the code and figuring out as I go.
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    @Elyz I hate figuring it out on the fly, cuz seems like this is what previous devs did on the project and they messed it up even further in the long run..
    I know that if the specs are changing, you might end up rewriting it anyway, but why not think it through and at least make the code less likely to need the whole rewrite..
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    I recommend reading these books then. You won't regret it.

    Clean Code - Robert Martin

    Head First Design Patterns - Eric Freeman

    Patterns, principles, and practices of domain-driven design - Scott Millett
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    @craig939393 Tnx! Will look em up when I get some time off.
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    @sladuled You are a better developer than you think.
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    I feel that I was better developer in my previous company where I actually did something that matters and we all did it the proper way - same code styles, linters, typescript, refactoring hacks and patches...

    now it is just bugfix after bugfix in this infinite bolognese.

    Tried to get time to untangle that pastafarian monster, but there's no customer value in that, so devJS go fuck yourself!

    I can feel my skills rotting away!

    Trying to find a place where I can again write code with types and linters and good practices!

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    @pmso I hope.. tnx! (:
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