Corona times and remote work be like:
hm, can't connect to my pc at work again. Why is it down? Whatever
*starts writing to collegues asking if anyone is physically present and could kick (aka. boot.) the pc.*

ah yes, fun times

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    thanks to a very nice collegue who took time of his day to go and check on my pc (it is a very busy time right now), it was determined that *somehow* the lan cable was unplugged. What the f. Who the f unplugs Lan cables from running pc's in Corona times, where half the office is working remotely....

    well, at least it was an easy fix.
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    Maybe the staff did it accidentally, while cleaning the place?
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    @Makenshi maybe. Or maybe someone accidentally pulled it out with their foot or something. who knows? it is to forever be a mystery....
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    I lately debugged like 20 minutes why my docking Station in the office wouldn’t recognise my monitors.
    Replugged the Laptop, rebooted the Laptop, checking Settings... rebooting again.
    After a while I checked cables and found the usb-c wasn’t connected to the dockingstation in the table.
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    @hbr147 those are the most painful bugs aren't they. Where one just lets out a deep sigh after fixing it.
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    @hasu they really are.
    I felt it’s kinda sad that I more likely think that this is some sort of a software issue instead of just checking the cable when I get no signal.
    before I started programming and working in data science for a big company I had more trust in software and probably would have had solved that much quicker.
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    @hbr147 yeah true. I feel the same.
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