While we're on the subject of keyboards, here's my baby! A V60 with Maria's switches!

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    Bonus point my old world map desk ;)
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    @pmbenjamin nope! 60% keyboards normally use a function key to trans form wasd in keys, and the fkeys are the normal number rows. :)
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    @Synth-Synapses I'm thinking about 60% versus TKL versus whitefox. I still use ctrl+home, shift+home, ctrl+shift+arrows quite a lot though, so that'd speak against the 60 %.
    Where are home, end, pgup, pgdn? I understand these probably are programmable, but where tend people to have them?
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    @pmbenjamin Well it can be where you want it to be. Default spot is an added key near ctrl, but mine replaces the caps lock key, which I hate with passion.
    @Gauthier Mine are on the top letter rows, you can see them labeled on the side. Essentially, you just add the function key to the command. So ctrl+home would be ctrl+function+t.
    And the Aria Fox is so sexy, I missed the first batch unfortunately -_-
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