All Java devs are so proud about their website.

But all of them have too many ads. They all look like straight from 1990, but at the same time, they say „HTML/CSS“ is easy.

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    is this a troll account
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    @calmyourtities show me one example of an Java’s developer website that at least on an usability level of WordPress.
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    Do you mean Java for frontend (as in applets)? Nobody uses that. Browsers don't run applets anymore.

    If you meant backend, what does that have to do with the frontend presentation?
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    @RememberMe You’re right, it has nothing to do with Frontend, so why are they even trying to make an UI? It always ends up horrible, the HTML may be valid, but SEO, what’s that? Inline styles work too, right?

    It’s not like a Java Web Backend for a simple blog is special either to brag about, if you wanna blog about your Java, god please just use something like WordPress or square space.

    But noo, they HAVE to use Java and have to put ads on it, how else can you pay your servers, right? Ugh.
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