So are we moving away from flat icons already and back to dimensional ? Look at the notifications bell 😂 its like a flash from the past.

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    This is disgusting. Jobs is rolling in this grave.
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    They should just go back to the wonderful GIFs we used to have.
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    Well yes, but this is different. It’s not skeuomorphic this time.

    Which is good, I think we‘re heading on the right direction. But yeah, some of them look ugly, for now.
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    @bagfox any 3d in an icon just screams 2012ui at me, no matter the amount of skeuomorphism in there
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    @frogstair Personally, I always thought that neither skeuomorphism, nor flat design is appropriate for tech. Yes most of the new style 3D stuff looks cringey at best, but if we tone that down and orient more to the simplicity of flat design, but acknowledge that most things in tech do originate from some kind of analog history, like the save icon, it’s a good middle ground.

    But like the new battery icon or the overly aggressive saturation, it’s just screams 2012 kids play indeed. The newest beta of windows still has some icons that, I think, look too flat, but they currently lead the best in that regard I’d say.

    But just the icon game, windows still looks ugly overall.
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    I tried looking up skeuomorphism or what ever it is written a time ago....

    I didn't understand it.... Hm.

    Lemme rephrase that: I understood what it tried to achieve - a certain dejavu effect by mimicking something known.

    But in most cases it ends up ridiculously...
    I dislike 3D design, if it's subtle - okay. But looking at that bell... Oh Jesus.

    I don't own an Apple Device. But I'd must say... A lot of these icons look shit.

    And I mean the "I'm ashamed people had to pay for that" kind of shit.
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    Oh my god all of those are so ugly.

    Skeuomorphic designs have their place, but the bell icon looks like something from 2008 and not in a good way
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    These don’t affect my opinion of Mac or their ability to set trends unlike any other company. I just think they made a design flaw here that is already ran it’s course. Hope they retract on it
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    I always thought that in famous companies are working the best designers, programmers etc... I am disapointed quite often by using Mac or iPhone - especially by the ux/ui stuff... Some parts are really not intuitive to use.
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    New icons look amazing. In the world of mAtErIaL dEsIgN, this is sooo refreshing to see.

    Bell icon is a masterpiece.
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    @kiki I guess from a practical POV. I find these nostalgic at best
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    I love it.
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    I hate notifications, spotlight, and extensions. They are all too shaded and aren't smooth at all
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    @GhostAllister its flat though. Not this weird early 200s gradient
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