So I have been tethering my internet at home for about a month. It did okay for what I needed, but I was getting maybe 2Mbps. Not great. I started looking for other solutions because I was only getting 20GB/month. I finally searched on a company someone suggested. I didn't want to because their service was DSL. Finally checked them out. For my location they offer fiber at 1Gbps at $65/month. I was floored. Free equipment, free install, no contract. Installed in 3 days from now. I finally feel like I have entered the decade of 2020. I can host stuff if I want. It will be glorious. Thank you technology advancement.

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    DSL? You live on a farm, boy?
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    Idaho, we got running water last year. Finally getting to use this internets and bitches per second, whatever that means.
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    Also: Fiber? I’m envious!
    We’re supposed to have fiber run to our neighborhood within a month or so. Totally looking forward to both faster speeds and a cheaper bill when they’re done.
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    @Demolishun Where? Farmington?
    Actually, I think that’s in Utah.
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    @Root I was looking for 100Mbps tops. Never imagined fiber for less than other providers in area. Cable company charges like 80+ for shitty shared 100Mbps.
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    @Root Are you an embedded programmer (C++, can understand microcontrollers and C code sets)? Our company just lost an embedded guy. I don't want to give out details here. Don't want to leave out a good programmer. Only issue is company is located in Mormon College town. So you may want to live in a city nearby. They are a bit harsh on non-mormons as far as inclusion goes.
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    Fibre? Totally in the future in Germany. It's too expensive to dig up the streets. I just upgraded to 100 Mbps over DSL. TV cable would allow more, but only as shared medium.
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    @Demolishun Check @RememberMe, I think he would be a big win for your team in embedded.
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    @Demolishun Aw, I appreciate it!

    I’ve never done embedded, but C and low-level was my jam before. I primarily do web dev now, so I don’t think I’m a good match. But thank you for the thought!
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    @Root I just learned they are looking for a software manager as well.

    I am not sure I want to be managed by someone that actually knows what I do though...
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    @Demolishun 😂

    I know the feeling. The best managers I’ve ever had were good devs, though.
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    @Root Sent, if you want to delete that. Maybe make sure you got it.
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    @Fast-Nop Got FTTH (Telekom) in the 20.000 people village I moved to. Couldn't be happier with that.
    But looking to every nearby city we are the only ones having that luxury because our mayor is young and cared about fast fiber expansion here. Maybe in 50 years Germany will reach a 50k standard at least in some parts of the country. /s
    Until then I enjoy my gigabit fiber and won't move away from here.
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    @Fast-Nop thanks :)
    But I'm already taken :p
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