I just worked a shitty manual labor job from 5am - 4pm Mon - Friday while going to night school. I told myself if I didn’t succeed in programming I would be stuck at that dead end job which would eventually lead to my own suicide. I kind of put myself in a position where getting good at coding was my only way out of a shitty/brutal lifestyle. It worked, as I now work from home and make twice as much money. It’s a funny thing to think about sometimes, two years ago I had to have knee surgery due to the physical strain of my former job job, and nowadays I sometimes get a neck cramp from not sitting up straight.

Moral of the story, sometimes growth can only happen when we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations.

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    Woah, this post is wack.
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    @rutee07 yes. My life used to be very wack indeed.
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    Been through such experience. 17 years as store clerk. At one point I was crying every day after work. Used that pain to push myself and study coding for four years until I landed a job. Thing is, it was nice job selling stuff but people oh boy, people can be so difficult, I could not do it aymore.
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