I just been feeling really burned out recently to the point I just feel things are just meaningless. I feel unappreciated at work or by people in my life. I appreciate myself but the pandemic is really getting to me. I had to take a break from studying at times when I couldn't focus or got too out of touch. I'm usually better than this.

I tried reaching out as I continue to put up with my current consulting position, study and job searching when I'm not too burned out. I just feel alone in this. Can anyone relate?

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    Depression can do that?
    Seek professional help.
    And don't say no to antidepressants.
    Depression - Wikipedia
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    Stop using Twitter. It's just toxic. And it makes you use hashtags on devRant.
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    I don't even use twitter much since the pandemic. Social media in general I'm not a fan of or keep up with if I'm not using it as a tool for networking. I don't even care much for hashtags if I use them proper that is.
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