Changed one line and had to fix over 1300 unit tests. Damn! Each has its own configuration. Been a long 6 hours

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    Sounds like you fixed a symptom
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    @craig939393 it's a temporary fix. We still have an architectural issue, that needs resolution but lack the time to work on it
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    Sounds like you either changed some very important business logic or your unit tests are not doing their work.

    The only time I came close to breaking that many unit tests in one go was when trying to make a change in a parsing library for css and I broke one of the syntax nodes ;). The broke almost all tests at once.

    But apart from that your tests seems to cover to much or you have an extreme amount of tests hitting the same code.
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    @Voxera it is a core business logic. And all tests depend on it. Just that everyone captured the tests differently
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