What are some apps that you have on your phone for programming and development? (Android)

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    Honestly? None.
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    Linux Terminal
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    @heyheni I have that it kinda sucks on my phone because I can't see what I'm typing until I hit the space bar or the enter key but I've used it on other devices and its pretty good
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    Are you looking for them because a pc is not available all the time for you by chance? I am not judging you my g, legitimately asking
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    I have a wide array of network tools, teamviewer and github.
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    @AleCx04I do have a pc from like 2010 with no wifi card and a laptop thats from the era of when people cared about their product. I'm just looking for the convince of a phone with the usefulness of a laptop as far as tools go.
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    Just Slack and GitHub. Programming is for my pc
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    @10Dev that's about were I'm at too.
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